The ancestors of the famous family of Thachappully were expertised both in treatment and preparing Medicines as per Ayurvedic philosophy. People from far and wide used to visit Vaidhya Bhavanam for their consultations and speedy cure of diseases. The kindling of kindness to all the patients and early cure of diseases made attractions to this family. The Vaidhya Bhavanam stood as a high tower of appeasement and satisfaction due to the good results achieved from treatment! Honesty in activity, purity in preparation of medicines and helping hand to the deserved patients etc. made them immemorial to the patients from near and far areas!

One day, as a wonder, an old saint was found under a huge tree near a temple at Engandiyur. He was poor in health and poverty stricken for very long days! Grandfather of this family approached him and served him giving food, medicines etc. for a span. Before his last breath the grand saint presented his valued earnings of valuable books in Ayurveda, and some precious stones to treat the poison from Serpents. This incident can be noted as God's blessing to a deserving person for his mercifulness!! After cineration of the dead body a monument was built in his remembrance and daily prayers with kindling of light were done. Generations observe decisive physicians in this family along with the flavour of behaviours!!

At Oase Ayurveda Hospital a precise Ayurveda program will be delivered under the leadership of our chief physician. Most of all it is our team at Oase Ayurveda Hospital that ensures your complete rejuvenation by providing a traditional Ayurvedic treatment with the utmost personalized care.

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